Hey there! My name is Savannah. I am a teacher and coach by day, photographer...the rest of the time! My passion is not only making sure that my clients have outstanding photos but making sure that the picture taking experience is fun, comfortable, and memorable. I specialize in natural light photography. I shoot family, couples, engagements, and bridal sessions, as well as weddings.



Beautiful Things : Our story


Some of you may be wondering where the name 'Beautiful Things" comes from! 

In 2017, I walked through multiple losses of loves ones: 5 to be exact. With each tragedy, I began to question a lot of things, my faith included. My friend Alyssa passed away May 6th of 2017, and her husband asked several of us to do the music for her service. The last song he requested we play was "Beautiful Things" by Gungor. As I sang, it was as if the Lord was reminding me that he still had a plan, that He and He alone could turn the tragedy of Alyssa's death and make something beautiful come forth from the ashes. 

One day as I was pondering a name for my business, and it hit me: Beautiful Things. This life is not always easy. But if we take heart and trust, the Lord will show us some beautiful things along the way - glimpses of His glory. It's my mission to capture as many of those beautiful things as possible.